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Welcome to our home page!

JCola is an international import/export firm with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, and a U.S. office in Philadelphia, PA. We have been distributing a wide range of high quality products for over fifteen in various markets all over the world.

Main Activities

Our main focus is creating and building foreign trade partnerships using our network in Europe, North America, and Oceania
Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, USA, Spain, Switzerland,

Current Ventures:

Custom Paper Bags for Branding and Marketing
Our most successful endeavor has been the production and distribution of quality paper bags with custom logos and designs. We offer a variety of exclusive string-grip advertising bags.

Quality over Quantity
Because these products are hand-crafted, we are able to tailor all aspects of production to meet the customers’ demands -- This means everything from shape and size of the product to exact quantity produced (No need to order in massive bulk!)

Manufacturing and Facilities Overview


Our plants employ 260 people with certain disability, to whom the workplace does not only mean being able to collect a paycheck, but also allows for social interaction and a sense of satisfaction. Our employees adapt quickly so most unique requests for assembly of products can easily be met per our customers’ request.

Printing plants:

Supplied with modern equipment, we can quickly switch from printing Paper bags to other branding products, such as: leaflets, pens, notepads, or most anything you can imagine for your company’s branding and marketing!

Please navigate our website to browse through our products and feel free to contact us for unique “custom branding” inquiries!

Contact for New Ventures

If you have an idea or product that you would like to be realized elsewhere using our vast distribution network, please contact Imre Elek at:

Phone: 011-36-70-953-4348
Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you!


Imre Elek, Co-founder and CEO

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